'The people'

 I made my way through the forest until I reached the small clearing. The moon and the stars shone their clear, pale shimmer into the world and made the night dew glitter everywhere.

The soft moss, which covered the earthy forest floor on my hike until here, gave way to the dull undergrowth at the edge of the clearing. The old man was already sitting, crouched on a wooden stool, at the oak table in the open space, waiting for me. A branch cracked under my kick and the old man looked over at me. I stepped further towards him and he meant for me to take my place beside him.

We greeted each other with our eyes, serious and feeling close. I felt in my heart that pleasant feeling of well-being and warmth that only aeons of walking together in friendship can spark.

I sat down on the stool. In silence the traveller filled the pewter jug waiting for me with red wine. We drank to each other and sat in friendship in silence for a while, thinking about it further. After my heart had reached his spirit, I asked him: "Please, friend. "Tell me how it was once upon a time in your world with those who were with you."

The old man was apparently looking at the dark trees in the background of the clearing and yet seemed to be oblivious to them. After he had looked into his heart, collected in himself, he took another sip from his beaker and began to speak. "Well, brahbata," the traveler began his speech willingly. "The struggle for the course of your world will not end as it once did for my people," he replied. "Our worlds share the ups and downs of the ages, yet your healing is intended for them." He took a deep breath and looked at me. His eyes sparkled velvet black. Smiling, he said: "The Spirit decided to turn my world around, so that this turn around may now go the other way for your world.

The old man suddenly fell silent and rummaged in his pockets for his pipe. He seemed to think. I also gathered myself to ask him: "Tell me about species X, the animus. "How do you think I can best serve my world, my people? Meanwhile, the wanderer found his utensils in the depths of his jerkin, stuffed his pipe with the knot from the tobacco pouch and lit it. After he had puffed the pipe warm, he took a deep puff, held his breath for a moment and then, blowing out the smoke, spoke to me. "It is always a disadvantage to think yourself wiser than others. Invincibility is not achieved by wisdom. Your heart will lead you to the Spirit of Truth. Strength, true strength can only be gained through devotion. The purity of original desire in a single being can seal the fate of entire worlds." I listened inwardly to his words in comparison. The old man hesitantly awakened in me the memory of what I had previously experienced. He took another puff from his pipe, stroked his chin beard apparently thoughtfully and then continued speaking.

"The animus..." he began to say more to himself than he did to my address. "Where they originated, even the scribes of my people do not know. They are old, brahbata, very old. In our records, they are listed under many names. Nor do we know their original names, let alone the many possible meanings of their names. Many worlds in many galaxies speak of them as the Esps, some call them Animus, and we have called them only 'the people'." The old man took a break. It seemed to me as if he was thinking about what part of the history of his experience of 'the people' might be of importance to me. "Well", he continued after his thoughts, seemingly incoherently, "in any case - it was not they who finally defeated us, but our own pride, that made them take over our world. The old man suddenly laughed, as if he was blaming himself for the foolishness of the beings in the worlds they had taken over. Then he spoke on. "Never underestimate them for their supposed dwarfism, brahbata, for then you do not know the cosmos and its way of life. A single one of these beings is able to control the minds of ten full-grown warriors of your kind if these men are not prepared with pure hearts and clear minds.
Never look close into the eyes of a representative of 'the people', never merge your spirit with theirs, if your soul knows about them and you are not prepared. Their consciousness, their thinking is so alien to ours that the faintly conscious only perceives the powerless, overarching, cold will when we are telepathically connected to them. Whoever does not know about them and their true nature at all will pass them by seemingly without harm. Remember that you can only "receive" radio waves with a suitable detector. Nevertheless, those waves are "there", they exist, regardless of whether you have a useful measuring instrument. Species X, 'the people', also acts only as one collective organism among many others in all worlds. The old man paused for a moment and stretched his limbs. He laughed softly - perhaps because he enjoyed the vulnerability of his aging body. Then he spoke on. "The strength of 'the people' lies in the apparent smallness of their individuals - they do not walk unrecognized, but merely unnoticed. Yet they are everywhere in the universe, taking over world after world, since hardly anyone recognized them for what they are - the keepers of darkness. And now, brahbata," he continued, "is it your world's turn...

Everything in the world is alike," the traveller continued. "Each individual member of the Esps corresponds, by analogy, to one of your body cells. They are telepathically and energetically powerfully interwoven and in constant exchange with each other. Only as a whole do they form the organism that wants to harm you effectively. And they constantly enter your world. Day after day, hour after hour, countless ones arrive here. Constantly. Their protection lies in your ignorance. We once fought with many species," the old man continued, not sighing resignedly, "defeated every seemingly insurmountable giant that wanted to harm us, but our spirit was not prepared for 'the people'. That, brahbata, that is why we are here to give you our explanations. Each of these beings is connected to the collective, always. Not only on your world, but permeating all the worlds they have spread to. And each and every one of these beings possesses the collective's collective power to break the spirit of full-grown and strong warriors as they move out of knowledge. Nevertheless: Where other worlds, whole world systems were taken over by them, you will now put a stop to them. So it is written in the Book of Life, and so the stars draw it."

The candle on the oak table flickered towards the last moves.My friend looked seemingly lost in thought and magically captivated by the light, right into the energy that was the basis of all life. We both remained silent for a while. I needed the silence to digest what I had heard and he must have revelled in his long past experiences with 'the people'. Then the traveller, my master from the distant past, started again. "The animus are powerful masters, for they do not reveal themselves as such at first," said the old man. He took another sip from his jug and continued his speech. "Tell me, brahbata: How do you fight an enemy who is too small to be perceived as an enemy? Who is everywhere? Their ability is to control your mind and not even let you become aware of it. Many species are at their service and are controlled by them. And it is those physically larger species, then, that you believe to recognize as your main enemies. "The people' can only be defeated by the abilities of our hearts. The power of compassion, which exists beyond the instinct of survival of the species, is your most powerful weapon. And this time, brahbata, the world will stand and the animus will be overcome. Always remember how you felt their spirit, the shimmering calculation of their collective consciousness once penetrated your being. Remember it - and this time defeat them - defeat

The people.


Note: I first heard about the Esps about 1998, when I had telepathic contact with our friends from the back of the moon who informed me about them. Later - once mentally "fed" - they came across me. Here in Homberg (I do not travel anymore). They are getting bigger than the earthly ants (the biggest ones I have seen so far were about 3-4 cm tall), scientists think they are an introduced South American or Asian species - they are not. They make common cause with Aton, the Lord of the Orion Federation. We have a loyal ally: The terrestrial spiders. Spiders are also great telepaths and fighters. They think us humans are too big wimps, simply because they are warriors themselves. And they have an alliance with us against the animus. We will win.

der SPIEGEL Nr. 5, 28.1.2008

 writes on page 120:

Recipe for success for warrior ants

It has embarked on a triumphal march around the globe, and the Argentine ant (Linepithema humile) can now be found on six continents. The secret of its success has now been revealed by researchers at the University of Illinois in Urbana, who have spent eight years observing how the insects have conquered Southern California's Rice Canyon. According to the study, the newcomers follow two different strategies on their way to their destination: Initially, they attack their resident relatives in order to eat them; later, in a second step, they systematically exploit their competitors' food sources. Eating and starving - with this double strategy they are apparently extremely successful: Before their arrival in Rice Canyon, 23 native ant species lived there, at last there were only two. Only if we follow such an invasion in real time, we can understand the dynamic processes that enable alien species to eventually win, explained ant researcher Andrew Suarez.


„Let’s play master and servant“
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Now – the forces of interdimensional altruism use the sword of wisdom to finally prevail.

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