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The following Constitution of the World is a predominant suggestion for a peaceful planet Earth in the millenium.

Some issues mentioned will surely arise questions and resistance – they should be taken and considered as proposals for a century's period. Life develops and unfolds best slowly and not while being hectically fulfilled without thinking it over.

The hereby presented
 Constitution of the World is my invitation for Earthly mankind.
Let's be creative, not reactive with framing our over-all future together.

We, as Earthly mankind, are on a mission for our children and grandchildren.
Let's get started – over and over again.
The time to act is always now.

Aquarius. Constitution of the World.

The global development and
societies' perspectives of
our upcoming future
on planet Earth.


Basics of Creation
Of a new Order of Peace
For the World

Interim Period
Post-war Order
Implementation: ASAP

Paradise on Earth.

I. Goals:

● Peace
● Freedom
● Equality
● Brotherhood
● Legal Certainty
● Home Rule/Human Rights
● Species Protection/Environment Protection
● Prosperity

II. Aspects of Life:

● Personal Rights
● Constitution/State Order/Legislation
● Culture
● Society/Social Affairs
● Information/Communication/Literacy/Education
● Economy
● Healthcare
● Energy/Technology
● Regeneration/Environment and Species Conservation
● Military/Defense


Policy: Togetherness. For each other – instead of against each other.
1000 years „Sixties“.

In Detail:


Global implementation of civil rights based on German model (Article 1-20 German Constitution). Establishment of a Truth Commission similar to South African example. Supremacy under – a newly structured – U.N. Inclusion of all states in the world community (world parliament). Abolition of unnecessary laws and ordinances (benchmark: approx. 95% - laws are made for the people, not the people for the laws). Requirement of tolerance, prohibition of discrimination. securitisation of the right of everyone to fully come to maturity of one's personality with self determination (as long as this doesn't collide with personal rights of a third party). Additionally: §§ 433, 929 BGB (German Civil Code) – one doesn't need more to regulate all trade relations. § 211 StGB (Murder, German Criminal Code) and all (!) subordinated actions/forbearances are regulated by the knowledge of Karma in future (the cosmic law) and one's own guilty conscience. Unfortunately, some police – reformed in rights and structure – will still be needed for a while.


Subsidiarity principle for sovereignty of U.N. as well as in other parliaments („World Council“ after reform, bicameral system, direct mandates, supreme parliament, no Security Council - "all animals are equal"), democratization, federalism, separation of powers, indemnity of provision with basic supplies for every last (Marxist principle), gradual unbundling of state orders thru minimization of unnecessary laws, reduction of state order until it is - depending on the evolution of the citizens - no longer necessary, diversification not to the disadvantage of a third party, commencement/increase of diplomatic relations with residents of other luminaries (including cultural exchange and trade).

Society/Social Affairs:

Indemnity/warranty of the right to fully express every cultural order of a group of humans within the boundaries of human togetherness, adherence/promotion of cultural identities and traditions, insofar they don't collide with the „new morality“ (tolerating each and every opinion except for the „unnoble“), principle of passivity, support of minorities, cultural exchange, equality, no jails, no zoos. promotion of science, literacy and arts. Charity. Everyone gets a kitchen, a bathroom and an own bed.


Free rights for everyone! Access to all (!) data for everybody. Free exchange of all information. Global alphabetisation. Creation/usage of useful methods to increase education.


Reduction of trade barriers, reduction of protective duties, abolition of valid „tribs and trims“. Reduction of subsidies (following New Zealand's example), unbundling of transnational companies (following the principle of „cui bono“), deregulation of markets, alignment/elevation of global standard of living thru outsorcing in less developed regions, democratization of company structures following the principle of subsidiarity (hierarchy from bottom to top), charity, furtherance of economically underdeveloped world regions thru ovelty, democratic lean management, abolishment of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), liberal social market economy with Marxist basic security benefits, more Weber, less Keynes, generation of new sources of income for those regions which previously lived from oil, gas and coal, money and the circulation of money will be abandoned (end of economic interest).


„lame will go blind will see“. Drastic increase of expectancy and life quality. Comprehensive supply of all subject to all possibilities. Immediate efficient help programs for those suffering. Wide medical measures in less-structured global regions. Dietetics. Free supply with clean drinking water, wholefood diet and sanitary installations.


Tesla-Technology etc. For this one our friends from abroad will take care for. Unlimited energy for all. „Bionic“ principles.


Coronation of all energies to restore biodiversity. Saturated reforestation. Global climate and weather regulation. Desalination of sea water. Regeneration of desserts and tatars. Animal protection and species conservation. Recycling, renewable exploitation of resources – principle „hemp instead of wood“.


Comprehensive disarmament worldwide (benchmark: approx. 95%). Global, only defensive army externally. Abolition of intelligence and secret service.

Prior: State/social principles.


Let us ask our friends, what has been useful for them.

Enjoy Life. Rock’n’Roll.

Suggestion for the World Anthem: "Nothing else matters“ - Metallica and San Francisco Symphony Orchestra.

Aquarius. Get the future started.

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